The Top Five Reasons Your House Hasn�t Sold!


by Jerry Fowler

The third reason a house won�t sell in a good market is location. Such things as undesirable schools, a higher crime rate, filthy/messy neighbors, a busy road, or noise pollution (i.e. beside a busy railroad track or under a flight pattern) can mark a bad location.

Mary�s location was good. There were no real negatives to affect her sale.

However, if your house is located poorly, the only thing that can compensate is a lower listing price. In order to sell a house in a bad location, the owner would have to ask for less than what similar homes in more desirable areas have sold for. Favorable terms could also help sell your house, especially if you are in the position to offer owner financing or a lease with options.

A good REALTOR will be savvy enough to recommend a good strategy and overcome a bad location.

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