The Top Five Reasons Your House Hasn�t Sold!


by Jerry Fowler
The Listing Agent and their Reputation

The fourth reason a house won�t sell in a great market like we�re currently experiencing is the listing agent.

Your listing agent could cause huge problems if he or she is hard to get along with or difficult to work with. That�s something you can�t really anticipate, but that kind of attitude in an agent can make other REALTORS not want to show his or her listings unless they simply can�t find anything else to show potential buyers -- even though such behavior goes against the REALTOR�s code of ethics. It�s only natural not to want to work with someone who has a bad attitude or a condescending nature.

Agents who are rude, arrogant, and difficult to work with will not have as many showings as an agent who is cooperative and enthusiastic.

Many times an buyer�s agent will see a certain listing agent�s name on the multiple listing sheet and immediately take that house out of their showing schedule. Just because an agent is a top producer in your area does not guarantee that he/she has the respect of other agents in town. The only way to guard yourself against this type of discrimination is to check out the reputation of the agent you are thinking about hiring or get personal referrals.

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