How To Buy Your Country Dream

...Without Having A Nightmare!

Power & Telephone

by Phil Hoover

We've all grown accustomed to flicking a switch to turn on the lights and picking up the phone to talk with someone miles away. But some parts of the country still don't have such conveniences. You might think that you could do without such conveniences and really get away from it all, but it's still a good idea to check on what it would cost to hook up just in case you decide to do so later.

Most utility companies charge heavily to extend service to country properties. It's not uncommon to hear of someone spending thousands of dollars to hook up to power or phone. There are other considerations too, such as obtaining easements across other adjoining properties for placement of poles and lines. If you can't obtain the necessary easements from your new neighbors, you won't be able to bring power in, even if you're willing to bear the costs.

If the property lacks power or phone, be certain that you can live without those conveniences, or research the costs and details before you purchase the property.

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