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Web Site Developers

We're rebuilding this page that got "lost" a few months ago.  If you notice someone missing, please let us know. 


Where Agents Can Get Links

We've updated our list of directories where agents can get links.  If you notice any sites were left out but should have been included, please let us know.  If there are sites we should dump, let us know that, too.


Stars - Changes for Guests

Guests in the directory will no longer be able to earn multiple stars.  We're reserving that ability for Official Members, since they pay an annual fee of $25.  Basically, we're just trying to earn a modest income and we're rewarding those that help.  For more information about stars.


Become a Featured Agent

Our theory is that Featured Agent pages rank higher in Google than our regular directory pages - Info on Featured Agent.


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You spend a lot less money than with our major competitors.  It is very informative about interest rates and the current housing market, plus other stuff.  Google indexes our more of our newsletter pages than our competitors.  Check it out.


Why Get Content From Us ?

Because it comes free with the Newsletter?  Or does the Newsletter come free with the content?  Anyway, it is a package deal, but a very very nice and inexpensive package.  Check it out.



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